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Prison escape simulator

The Escapists is a simulator for "prison escape". Admit it: you've always wanted a simulator like that.

Run: as of how that's your choice.

The Escapists is much like Prison Architect, another jails' game, but with much more action. You're a prisoner in a jail and you want to escape. For that you'll have to perform daily tasks (so nobody suspects) and use your free time to prepare your runaway.

If you're looking for a game that won't give you a hand, you'll love The Escapists. You'll have to figure it out to escape, the tittle is not planning on giving you goals or hints. You can negotiate with prison's bands. Or steal a guard's uniform. Or steal a tunnel. Or hide your tools in the bathroom... The Escapists stands out for its freedom of action.

You have content for a while. You have many jails to choose from (which one with its different difficulty levels). Even though the prisons are limited spaces, they're full of details and variables that make you want to escape from them more than once in different ways.

The biggest con of The Escapist it's the waiting. Waiting to have free time to continue with your plans it's just too much.

Lovely retro aesthetics

Control set surprises with its simplicity. The Escapists uses just a few keys or buttons but you don't need more to let your creativity run or go ahead with your plans. I'm other similar games you can get discouraged by the initial investment of learning the controls. Here in a few minutes you're ready to go.

At a graphics level, The Escapists present an aerial view with 8-Bits graphics. Its music has also a retro style with a lot of "beeps". I can't think of a better aesthetic than this because it reminds me to the classic game "La Abadia del Crimen.

A great challenge awaits.

The Escapist has an original premise, has a lot of content and possibilities, and flaunts a simple control set but yet powerful. Will you be able to escape from all the challenges given by the game?


  • Its premise
  • Freedom
  • Lots of content
  • Its aesthetics


  • Daily tasks get boring


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The Escapists


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User reviews about The Escapists

  • Nikos Ves

    by Nikos Ves

    I Want To Play This Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe Taylor

    by Chloe Taylor

    I LOVE IT! It really streches your brain in a different way, making your mind more open to other solutions and thoughts. Also, you can More

  • Tom Cena

    by Tom Cena

    Is It Safe?.
    i was wondering if anyone experienced any viruses downloading this and i dont want any viruses because i had to wipeMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It a very nice game to play.
    like you can get in an out of prison thats what i like this game so freaking
    Pros: tMore

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